Welcome to Boudavida. We are a sports and active wear company with a difference. We don’t just make and sell performance activewear, we aim to bring fashion and function together, creating clothes that make women feel good about their bodies and inspired to get active. Oh yes, and we’re raising money for women’s sport in the process.

5% from every purchase from Boudavida donates to projects in women’s sport, making a difference for women and girls across the UK. We do this to help more women become and stay active, improving their health, life and wellbeing through sport and exercise.

Inspired by the legend of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe – a strong and active woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer – we dreamed up the name Boudavida as a way of encapsulating female strength of character with the notion of living a healthy life.

We have plans to cater for as many sports as possible – both individual and team – and into a greater size breakdown, ultimately to create kit for every woman whatever they want to do. We currently cater for sizes 8-18, but watch this space!

Our greatest aim is to see just how much money we can pump into women’s sport and what tangible change we can make by doing that.

Opening times

Monday - Saturday
10am — 6pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays
11am — 4pm

Contact details

01749 347303
17 Milsom Place
  • Join The Movement

    Changing the world one pair of leggings at a time! We donate 5% of every sale to female athletes and projects that support women’s sport.

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    Shop the collection of women's gym vests, sports tanks, workout tops, leggings and underwear in the latest range of activewear from Boudavida.

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    Explore the latest range of women's jackets, hoodies and coats from the new activewear collection at Boudavida. Whether golfing, running, cycling or hiking, we've got you covered.