In the Meanwhile

In the Meanwhile

In The Meanwhile, is a project organised by Bath Spa University, working with B&NES Council and Milsom Place, to bring temporarily unoccupied shop spaces into productive use.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis have seen a large number of shops in the city centre become empty; these vacated spaces are highly visible. In The Meanwhile, seeks to support the council to reinvigorate these spaces during this interim period with works from current students and alumni from Bath School of Art and Bath School of Design, EMERGE residents and The Studio at Palace Yard Mews.

Milsom Place is proud to be hosting the following artists as part of this innovative project.

Venture downstairs to the Broad Street level of Milsom Place to find these works on show from Monday 17 May (next door to Bandook Indian Kitchen and Chanii B Shoes). 

In The Meanwhile_Bath Spa University_May21_Milsom Place

17 May – 27 June | Jessica Palmer 

Jessica’s work centres on experimenting with the possibilities of paper as a medium to capture movement, shape and space in figurative pieces of two and three dimensions.

Jessica Palmer, In The Meanwhile, 2021 Milsom PlaceOver the last six months, I have been exploring and making all kinds of painted paper collage. I have made a sequence of studies in hand-painted paper of meadows, meadow plants and the fields and flora around Bath. They vary from vibrantly coloured Spring studies to warm Summer tones of a cluster of Buttercups to lower key images of Winter seedheads and teasels. 

Although they contain broadly figurative elements, they are abstracted studies, reflecting rhythms and intensity somewhat like musical notations. They are an attempt to capture the beauty in our natural surroundings and to respond to our wild plants in peril. 

Jessica Palmer, In The Meanwhile, 2021 Milsom Place

I am also going to make a large scale illustrated TREE MAP of Bath. My aim is to bring the nature of our landscape city to the fore. I will be creating collage illustrations of trees around Bath which have a particular meaning to individuals.

This is a collaborative project, and I have already invited the community to send me their favourite tree photographs or drawings for me to transform into collages for the map alongside visuals of my large-scale collage ‘Wildflowers Imperilled’ and my community collage for Bath City Farm.

Finally, I also have a large landscape of the Somerset Marshes and marshland birds entitled “100 Birds at Sunset” to show which I would like to auction to raise funds for the Captain Tom Foundation.”

17 May – 06 June | Hannah Wilson

Hannah is a student studying Textiles for Fashion and Interiors. At the start of the pandemic she attended a placement in an arts university in Japan, to study Textile Art, Designing and Costume, and was consequently locked down abroad for six months.

Hannah Wilson, In The Meanwhile, 2021 Milsom PlaceI was living in rural Japan (a few hours outside Kyoto) and spent my time exploring the unfamiliar yet breathtaking nature surrounding me. I found peace and serenity within the glorious and eccentric creatures, wildlife and nature and used it as the focus for most of my art projects whilst I was there. I could not use many of the facilities at the university for a long time, so I taught myself ancient Japanese textile methods, painting and making kimonos.

I spent the majority of my time during lockdown immersed in the discovery of new animals and nature and I would love to express this unusual experience. My work will be a series of boards, which I will hand paint, visualising different aspects of nature in Japan: bamboo forests, cherry blossom and the tall trees in the evening light as I attempt to capture the colour, essence and rich beauty of these glorious natural wonders. 

At the heart of the installation will be a word I learnt which has no direct English translation:

 ‘ふるさと’ or ‘Furusato’.

Though it essentially means one’s ‘hometown’, it’s not always where you were born that your heart longs for. I think this is a beautiful concept and capsulated a lot of feelings people had during the lockdown. A lot of people longed for family members who lived elsewhere. This word will be at the heart of my installation.”

31 May – 12 June | Jessica Kerridge

Jessica calls herself a painter, working mainly in oils. Lockdown has encouraged her to walk more, and she has explored this further in her practice, making sketches and paintings of surrounding landscapes.

Jessica_Kerridge_Walk in the Rain, In the Meanwhile 2021_Milsom PlaceRecently I have started incorporating weather and natural elements in my work, notably the rain. For example, I have drawn landscapes using ink and watercolours and then left them outside. The pressure of the rain created interesting patterns when reacting with the ink and watercolours.

Looking at the weather led me to explore the idea of chance, I looked at the artist Tim Knowles and was inspired by his Ink on Paper Landscape series, where he drips ink down folded paper. I began experimenting with dripping paint and varnish in my paintings.

My works created for In The Meanwhile will demonstrate how lockdown has influenced my practice. They are an opportunity to represent the surrounding areas I have visited on walks during the pandemic. Walking has become important to so many people during the pandemic and I would love for people to relate to this through my work.

07 – 12 June | Maya Bansal

Maya is a sculptural ceramicist, specialising in porcelain, who explores the way science can influence artistic practice – and vice versa. Her primary focus is on chaos theory, especially the notion of connectivity: how a structure/system is sensitive to change and how a series of seemingly small events can trigger a large event – a chain reaction.

Maya Bansal, In The Meanwhile, 2021 Milsom PlaceI will create long stretches of my porcelain chaos pieces that will wind through filling empty windows, bringing life back into them. These pieces are inspired by chaos theory — the theory that everything contains the same fractal pattern — that is the same pattern carried out through all time and matter.

Creating elegant sculptures that are quite peaceful to look at and yet depict such significant concepts, I believe, can bring a vibrancy of elegance into the windows as well as representing the complex issues and reactions that the COVID outbreak has brought to us all.

Due to the nature of my process, and the medium I work in, the forms look very floral contributing to the delicacy of chaos and its natural process, yet as porcelain is an incredibly strong material, it presents the inevitability of growth, and along with it, change.”

In The Meanwhile is supported by: Little Lost Robot, Arts Council England, Bath Spa University, Bristol + Bath Creative R+D, The Studio, BSU Careers and Employability Team, B&NES, Milsom Place, and The Centre of Cultural and Creative Industries

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