Why we love... Beneath

Why we love… Beneath

While we can’t be there in person, we thought we would take a moment to consider what makes each and every one of our Milsom Place family special…

Today, we take a look at what lies Beneath…

Nestled in the vaults below The Octagon Chapel housing The Botanist, Beneath is a late-night cocktail bar which takes its inspiration from a reimagined version of the chapel’s history…

“The apothecarist’s basement dwelling was hugely popular in Georgian times for those who sought medicines to cure their ailments. Unconventional remedies – crafted by his own invention – and prescribed only to the inquisitive, his elixirs became the talk of Bath.

The righteous argued against the apothecarist’s wicked medicines and built a place of worship above the study, to banish the evil spirit’s below. The apothecarist fled, leaving behind an underground space which became a place to store wine beneath the Chapel above. This gave rise to Christopher Anstey’s verses: “Spirits above and spirits below, Spirits of Bliss and spirits of woe, The spirits above are spirits Divine, The spirits below are spirits of wine.”

Beneath cocktails in Milsom Place

Beneath in Bath is the first of its kind in the UK, boasting a unique collection of ‘cures’ for the common (and uncommon) ailments with a menu leaning towards botanical blends and signature concoctions crafted with gin and herbal liqueurs.

It is a bar where the lively gather beneath to sip rare and fine elixirs.

Beneath Cocktail Masterclasses 2019

Explore beneath the city streets and delve into the darker side of botany with a menu featuring a variety of concoctions with a twist…

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