Chanii B | Signature style

Chanii B | Signature style

Founder of Chanii B shoes, Chantal Pilon comes from three generations of footwear retailers so it is hardly surprising that designing shoes is something of an obsession for her.

After fourteen years in the business, she knows who her customer is: “My typical customer is the lady who wants to be individual and admired – she dresses to express her personality. She is seeking something unusual and different, to look fabulous but in a very individual way. My shoes cannot be found anywhere else. They are unique.

The shoes are made in Portugal from the finest materials and are all leather lined for comfort. “Chanii B Shoes is full of colour every season. Teal, black and gold combos, reds are strong with luxurious bronze snake print leathers. Among my favourites is the exclusive new cork comfort dress shoe line in amazing multi black textured leather detailed with fuchsia.” And where does Chantal find her inspiration? “I am inspired by all kinds of things – my travels around the globe, architecture, furniture, trends, music and cinema.

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Coronavirus Update


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