Fringe Arts Bath event – #getoutofyourcar

25 MAY - 25 JUN | 10am - 6pm daily.

Milsom Place, Bath

Let’s completely reimagine Bath’s transport, there are no costs involved, no targets to be reached, just wild and imaginative thinking.

This city has been arguing about transport. Grey men in grey suits walk grey corridors tinkering with grey plans to create grey solutions. This is not working.

Art has a great capacity to transform thoughts into imaginative spaces that can help individuals reimagine the world that they presently inhabit, into a world that has other possibilities.

The two themes for this exhibition are data and transformation.

What ideas can artists put forward to initiate behavioural and social change? What information can artists show that will create a new zeitgeist, and effect policy change that makes the last 100 years of the ego-centric automobile seem redundant and wasteful?

Curated by Joanna Wright.

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Milsom Place, Bath